What you can learn from the "Disney Smile."

I did a leadership development program for a corporate client last week at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.

What an amazing place! The training of the employees (known there as "Cast Members") is sensational. They all have different roles and responsibilities, but one thing I saw consistently throughout the week was this:

Everyone who works there smiles at you right away.

Each time.

Every time.

A smile is a gift that is almost always returned, and you can see the effect it has when hundreds of employees each smile at thousands of people every day. It makes everyone around them happier.

Studies have shown that babies have a "smile" even before they have any true control over the facial muscles that produce a smile. And studies of depression (if you don't know, I'm also a psychologist) demonstrated that simply smiling more often helped lift people out of depressed moods.

Lesson Learned: Smile more! At your customers. At prospects. At the letter carrier. At everyone around you.

And here's a little secret: Even if they don't return the gift, you just gave yourself one, too.

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