How not to send a thank-you note.

In response to a suggestion I made to send hand-written thank-you notes with her orders, a jewelry maker told me about a website that will send electronic thank-you notes (and other kinds of notes) on your behalf.

I thought she was joking.

It’s a stunning example of depersonalizing something that can’t be replaced with a computer-generated note. An impersonal note created by a software program can’t possibly have any good vibes associated with it. 

Mom's apple pie is always better than the one you buy in the supermarket that was made at the same time 150 other pies were made.

The importance of hand-written thank-you notes is not just the special impact it makes on the buyer. It’s important because it reinforces for you – as you write the note – that this customer is unique. 

Special. Worthy of your attention and individual thanks.

Customers show their appreciation by giving you their money in exchange for something you made with your own two hands. Show them your appreciation by taking a moment to write a note just for them.

And go make something great!

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