Why Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint DON'T want you to read this post!

If you're operating your jewelry business from your cell phone, that makes Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint lick their chops!

Why? Because the more successful you become, the more people call you. And unless you have one of those pricey "unlimited" calling packages, then the more people leave messages for you to learn how to buy your jewelry, the more money those cell phone companies make WITHOUT ADDING ANY VALUE TO YOUR BUSINESS!

In fact, they're taking value away by charging you for the extra minutes of those calls (calls that are due to YOUR successful marketing) AND all they're doing is recording a message for you listen to later.

(Even if you have an unlimited plan, using a cell phone for personal AND business use is a huge pain and is confusing for customers. And carrying around 2 cell phones? No thanks!)

Beyond wasting your money, the real people calling you want to talk to a real person, not a cell phone voicemail box. (It wastes time and money for your customers, too, because those minutes are costing them money ... gotta love  those endless drone voices that are part of your voicemail package slowly intoning those inane messages like, "to leave a message for the person you have called, please wait for the tone, or press 1, or just open your wallet and dump your money onto the sidewalk.")

The solution the cell phone companies hope you never learn about?

Main Virtual Office has well-trained professional receptionists who answer your calls, respond to information requests, process orders (yes, including accepting credit cards for you) and more!

And monthly pricing packages mean you never get a surprise invoice (cell phone companies HATE that part!).

Also, if you travel to shows regularly, work a part-time or full-time job, you won't have to worry about answering your dang cell phone and trying to handle a customer while doing something else. Your prospect calls and orders will be handled while you're working somewhere else or on something else. 

And Main Virtual Office provides full-time or temporary back-up so clients and prospects always get a trained professional answering the phone, instead of cold, impersonal voicemail. (I've tried asking voicemail questions, but I never get an answer.)

They’re also available to handle overflow calls or peak calling times, and they have a variety of other services, too with very reasonable plans (check out the video below to hear what customers are saying).

They can provide a virtual phone number, too, which protects your privacy and frees up your cell phone minutes for other things.

Making jewelry, marketing your beautiful work, handling the other roles and goals you have is hard enough. Let Main Virtual Office handle the connection with the important prospects and customers who call in, and stop paying the cell phone companies for doing nothing!

To learn more, call Erin Leon at 207-699-1351 Ext. 6345 or e-mail el@mainvirtualoffice.com. Tell her you read about them here.

Watch this brief video of clients explaining why they LOVE MVO and see the folks who make the service sizzle:

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