Isn't this GREAT?

It’s amazing to get paid for your jewelry, isn’t it?

How many things in life bring you joy to create and are easily shared with others and exchanged for money?

It’s exciting to think about, and I encourage you to really think about it! 

I grew up in a “jewelry” family (my father and his father were jewelers), and one thing that still amazes me is how people get excited when they see a piece of jewelry they like.

Your advantage as the jewelry artist is that it is culturally acceptable to ask people (like you) where they got a piece they’re wearing. 

And when you can say, “I made it,” it starts a conversation that often leads directly to a sale, sometimes for the piece you have on! 

 I can’t think of any other field where getting dressed in the morning can start a conversation leading to a sale!

So, the next time someone asks you about a piece you’re wearing, I hope you pause, reflect, and say to yourself, “This is amazing!”

Thanks for reading, and go make something great!

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