Get Personal. Say Thanks.

With each order for an information product sent from my office, I hand write and send a thank-you note.

I timed it. It takes 45 seconds for each one.

How much does that personal note mean? In a world where the impersonal dominates, it means a lot. And it doesn't take much to deliver that personal touch.

Not too many years ago, people would fume when they got a computer-generated "personalized" note. Back then, it was common for human errors upon data entry (or badly written computer programs) to mangle your name.

Today, e-mail is more common (and voluminous!) than regular mail.

And that's EXACTLY why a personal note from you on each order conveys that you care about each customer.

Every single person who buys from you is exchanging value for value -- their money for your amazing jewelry.

It takes just 45 seconds to show them, in your own hand, that you value them, too.

Beyond having an impact on them, saying thanks impacts you, too. 

Psychologically, the part of the brain involved in writing is different than the part involved in merely typing. The implications are that while you write about your appreciation for them, you'll experience that moment a little differently when you hand-write it.

If you have other ways of letting customers know you appreciate them, post a comment!

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