Don't ask.

I glanced at twitter earlier this week and was surprised to see a jewelry maker remark, after what was apparently a pretty good day of selling online, “Why are people still buying jewelry in a tough economy?”
Don’t ask.  It is one of the great unanswered mysteries of the universe. Answers are no more forthcoming now than they ever were.
Jewelry is not a necessity. Never has been. Even people who have a lot of it continue to buy more. Just for fun, I occasionally ask people how many pieces of jewelry they own.  Almost no one can tell me.
Rather than offend of the gods of jewelry buying, I would simply suggest that, particularly in a rough economy, jewelry offers an enormous amount of pleasure – as well as an item that will last almost forever – for not very much money compared to many other things.
So, let’s soldier on, continue to sell and not question why people buy. No one knows.
Go make something great!

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