Jewelry Makes a GREAT Corporate Gift!

 The winter holidays are right around the corner, and that makes now the perfect time to solicit local companies for gift orders. Artisan jewelry makes an outstanding corporate gift that companies can send to clients, to their employees, and for their own personal holiday gifts.

You can offer your traditional lines, or create something that has a holiday theme. You can promote your “gift line” through a special mailing to the person in charge of buying holiday gifts at local businesses.

How do you find out who’s in charge of that? It’s as easy as picking up the phone. How do you know which businesses to call? You can contact your local Chamber of Commerce to find out if they sell their directory or mailing list. Or case your local newspaper for leads among advertisers. There's also this neat new thing called the Internet.

Often, a Chamber directory lists the number of employees in the firm. Put together a list of the ones that look promising to you, and then call to find out who is in charge of purchasing. This can vary from company to company. I know one firm where the CEO makes ALL gift buying decisions. And another where the PR director is in charge of buying gift items. The important thing is to get the name of that person so that when you mail your promotion piece, it’s going to the correct person.

Positioning your artisan jewelry as a great corporate gift means you may want to offer volume pricing at certain points, also called “price breaks.” You can show those price breaks on your promotional material, but I’d suggest writing “Call for Corporate Gift Pricing” to make sure you’re pricing appropriately for the size of the company. Also, be prepared to produce more orders than usual.

And don’t be afraid to “aim low,” at first. Smaller entrepreneurs may be more likely to view unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry as a novel gift idea. And they may also be easier to reach by promo card or telephone