What's Your Defintion of "Success"?

One of the things I talk quite a bit about in my blog, seminars and programs is goal-setting and achievement. Each of you has your own definition of success.In the post below, "guest" blogger Stefanie Somers explores that question and poses it to you. (See links to Stefanie's work at the bottom of the post.) Join in the discussion by posting a comment! -- David

How do you spell "success"?  
You know when you've reached a goal you've set (and you have set a goal, haven't you?).

But achieving one goal, or even three, doesn't equal "success," does it? 

How about ten goals? A hundred? 

What about if you achieved every goal you set? 

Would that make you successful? Or just really good at setting achievable goals? (Or really, really lucky…. can I rub your head, please?)
Some days I feel REALLY successful. Like when I see my jewelry on a new pageant winner, or when I get a marvelous "thank you" email or Facebook wall posting. Or when I have a really good week. 

There are also days when I feel, well, not so successful. Usually days connected with getting together information for my accountant, or when something doesn't go completely as planned, or when I get a bad case of the "what-if's" or the "someday-when's," or especially, the "wish-I'd-have-done's." THOSE are the worst!
So that got me wondering, how do we define success as jewelry makers? 

Is it a bank balance? Boy, that seems awfully dicey these days, but it is the thermometer we've always been taught to use, and the easiest one to measure. Is it our happiness quotient? Finances can be a roller coaster ride. Pass the Dramamine. please. 

The ability to hire employees? If that's the case, I used to be wildly successful, and now am a complete failure, but by my happiness quotient (and perhaps even my bank balance), it's the other way around, so nah, that's not it.
I had a young lady email me last year, asking if I'd mentor her in the jewelry business. She asked me all kinds of questions, some good, most somewhat shallow, but mostly what you'd expect from someone young and just starting out -- you know, draw me a map to success. 

I think I upset her because the first thing I did was ask her what success meant to her. When she had trouble answering that question, I asked her how she wanted to spend her days. "Draw me a picture of your ideal day," I asked her. 
She couldn't. 
That may be a small key to what success is, at least for me. 
But what else is it? Fulfilling a vision, moving forward, not taking the same step twice, being famous/well-known/respected, making money/being comfortable/quitting your day job/supporting your family, calling your own shots… what IS success?

I want to know. How do YOU spell success?

Stefanie Somers