It's Really Me

A customer called me the other day, and I answered the phone.

Although this is a relatively simple behavior, my customer was amazed.  “Is this really Dr. Weiman?” he asked.

“It is!” I replied. “You seem surprised by that.”

“I am,” he said. He went on to lament the fact that almost no one in American business answers their phones anymore.

He told me he expected voicemail and was surprised to get not only a live person, but me.

Although that is a sad commentary about the extremely poor level of customer service in most American companies, it tells you the importance of the personal connection that you have with your customers. And as a jewelry-maker, the personal connection is key.

When your phone rings, I encourage you to answer it personally.  You will never know who you will surprise and delight by doing that very simple thing.

Go make something great!

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