It's All About Action

One of my favorite concepts in business success comes from Stephen Covey’s great book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

It is Habit 1: Be Proactive. The essence of this habit is that we have the power to guide and fulfill our lives by taking actions in furtherance of our goals.

It is a high leverage concept.

The reason that I am emphasizing that concept now is because I want to encourage you to take an action today based on something you want to do, have been meaning to do, and which would help you grow your business, but which you haven't done.

To get the most value out of any marketing or selling idea, you have to use it.  For some people taking action produces anxiety.  It feels more comfortable sometimes to coast than to step on the accelerator.

But if you think back on any real success that you created in which you enjoyed, you know that it began with you taking an action.

Here's what to do: Make a list on a sheet of paper of the ideas, techniques or marketing strategies that you have been meaning to do to boost business, but haven't done yet. Then number them in the order in which they appeal to you the most.

Then, accept this challenge: Take one action today in the service of accomplishing that most important idea, technique or strategy.

An action includes clicking on a website to get more information, making a telephone call to a customer that you haven’t spoken to in a while, contacting a perspective business partner or collaborator to generate new ideas for your business.  It is any observable behavior that you can do.

But it is essential to do something.

Because actions are what drives business, helps us grow, stretches us.

And there's no better time to take an action then right now.