An economy of one: You

There is no question that times are difficult across the country for many, many Americans. It’s likely that you know at least one person – and probably several –impacted by the economy. It’s a strain on families everywhere, even among the wealthiest people I know.
There’s been an interesting phenomenon, though, that jewelry makers have reported to me from coast to coast: People are still buying jewelry.
Why? Perhaps because it’s an “affordable” luxury. One that will last for a long, long time, And one that is immediately rewarding.
At a time when so many have cut back on so much, jewelry is a gift the buyer can give herself without feeling guilty.
It also puts the buyer in personal contact with the jewelry artist. At a time when people may mistrust big institutions, including “big box” retailers, regular folks may turn to local business owners – and that includes you! – because they trust you and find comfort in the relationship.
It’s difficult to know what will turn this economy around. But maybe it will start to happen just one person at a time, as buyers gain confidence from sellers like you. One person at a time.