My Favorite Label

As a management psychologist, I order tests and seminar booklets. One of the publishers of those tests put the label you see above on a package they recently sent to me.

I love it and here's why:

- It was the first thing I saw when the FedEx driver handed me the package, so I read it right away.

- It leads off with a closely-held value of theirs: They take pride in their products and how they are delivered.

- It prompted me to open the package right away and confirm that the shipment was correct. A great outcome, because many people don't open packages right away -- especially if they are busy -- and don't realize until much later if there is a problem with the order.

- The "call to action" if there is a problem is very clear, and their number -- toll free -- is the most prominent text on the label.

I've been a customer of this company for years, and I can confirm that they walk the talk.

So how can you use this idea?

Create your own label, stamp or imprint that tells customers how much you care about your jewelry (You may not want to put on the label that there is jewelry inside, but it's the quality focus that is important).

Let them know that you packaged it with care.

That your expectation is that they will receive it in perfect condition.

And explain what they should do if it didn't arrive exactly the way they expected it to.

And here's the best thing of all ... you'll notice that when you put your commitment to quality right on the outside of the package, you take care to make sure what's on the inside delights your customers every time.

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