Go "Hi Touch/ Low Tech"

With so many options for communicating with customers and prospects of your beautiful handcrafted artisan jewelry, it's a wonder anyone can figure out what to use first.

Should you text? E-mail? Twitter? If you do contact them by e-mail, should you use their "regular" e-mail account, or their Facebook e-mail account? If you have an iPhone, should you just call the prospect, send an e-mail or a text, all of which you can do right from the iPhone?

As technology has increased our options, we have tended to forget that the direct personal touch is always best.

And you should always use the option that makes the greatest personal impact on the buyer or prospect.

So, for example, if there's a gallery where you'd love to show your jewelry, you should go in personally and meet the gallery owner or manager.

If that's not possible, a phone call is the next best thing.

Reserve e-mail -- the least personal method of communicating with another human being -- for last.

I call this the "Hi Touch/Low Tech" approach, because the emphasis is on creating the greatest impression on the live human being you're reaching out to. Not using technology just because it's more efficient.

There is no replacement for the impression you make in person, or on the phone. The opportunity for people to hear your voice, your passion, your joy, your love and all the other things that come through from your tone of voice and inflection are priceless. Seeing you adds another dimension entirely that can't be replaced.

There's a biological explanation for this: The part of the brain that processes just the words we use is a different part than the part that processes tone of voice.

And the part of the brain that processes visual information is in yet a different part of the brain than the places where those two other types of information are processed.

The more parts of the brain that are activated when you communicate, the more meaningful and memorable that message will be.

So, go hi touch.

Make the most memorable impression possible whenever you can.

And save the e-mails for sending all the new order and shipping confirmations you're going to need.

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