5 E-Mail Marketing Tips

I get about 10 email updates every week from jewelry makers who added me to their mailing lists without my permission.

I know they added me because I've never signed up for one.

I often open them out of "marketing curiosity." Based on what I'm seeing right now, here are a few tips to boost the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing efforts:

1. Make sure your sign-up form is prominently displayed on your site. It should be on the home page (mine is on every page). It should ask for as little information as possible (first name and e-mail address usually do the trick!).

2. Offer something in return for the person's e-mail address. An email address has value. Offer something in return for it. Something the new subscriber gets right away via a download. Examples include a guide to buying jewelry, jewelry care tips, a chart of birthstones and what they mean, and anything else you can provide of real value.

3. Do not assume that people who buy from you online want your marketing information, too. At the time they buy, offer a an option on the order form they can click to be added to your promotional list. If they don't "opt in," don't send them marketing e-mails. You can also offer them the opportunity to opt-in when you send their receipt or order confirmation. Those are legitimate steps in the buying process.

4. Proofread your material before sending it out! I can't tell you how many e-mail marketing messages I get that still have the text from the template, including things like "Headline Goes Here" and "link to your website." Templates are great! Proofreading is, too.

5. If you can, hire a professional for copywriting. Copywriting is a little like driving -- everyone thinks they're better at it than they probably are! If you're struggling with it, consider reading Robert Bly's excellent book The Copywriter's Handbook, or John Caples' classic Tested Advertising Methods. Either will teach you how to write better copy. Alternatively, consider hiring a professional copywriter to help you. The boost in response should more than pay for their services!

If you have a tip you want to add, leave a comment!

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