What's your "just noticeable difference"?

About a million years ago when I took my first psychology class, I was fascinated by the concept of the "just noticeable difference."

This was described, if my memory is correct, as the amount that a sensory stimulus must change for you to notice that it changed.

For example, the amount that the volume of a sound must increase before you would notice that it had increased.

In Martin Lindstrom's thought-provoking book Buyology, he says that many (if not most) advertisers (and in the context of his book he's referring to major companies, but it applies to everyone) fall into the trap of creating advertising messages that are so similar to one another that no one notices or recalls most of them! They all blend together because they are so similar.

No one is taking the chance to be different.

To prove his point, Lindstrom says that he collected approximately 60 commercials from 20 different cars and found that almost all of them followed the same pattern: the cars zipping around turns kicking up dust in a desert setting.

With so many things the same, unless you do something truly different you blend into the pattern.

Consider this when you're creating your own marketing messages.

As you're already aware, the average person is confronted bya huge number of advertising and marketing messages every day.

That means, to quote the great marketing author Harry Beckwith, you are whispering into a hurricane.

Dare to be different.

Create messages that stand out from the crowd.

Use your advertising, direct mail, story cards and website to ask questions that no one else is asking, or to make statements that no one else is making.

Consider what is truly different about you and your jewelry and stated boldly and in a memorable way that will demand attention and connect you with your rightful buyers.

You don't need to boast. You don't need to shout.

But you do need to communicate differently.

And as a jewelry maker, you are uniquely gifted to do just that.

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