Falling in Love with a Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Every iPhone owner I know loves their phone.

Apple understands how to create raving fans. Think about this from an advertising perspective -- they're not paying for advertising, people are BUYING the product and then advertising it for free through word of mouth for Apple!

I don't own anything made by Apple.

But recently, I discovered a product that I fell in love with right away, so I can relate to what it's like.

It's the grilled chicken sandwich at Lisa's Italian Market in Ventnor, NJ.

Grilled chicken. Broccoli rabe. Roasted peppers. Garlic. Herbed mayonnaise. All on Italian roll that was slightly crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside.

I saw them put the chicken breast on a metal platter to grill it in a wood and brick oven.

I watched them carefully roast a pepper over an open flame.

Every ingredient was fresh. Quality is clearly important to Lisa.

If you're not familiar with the South Jersey shore, Ventnor, where Lisa's is located, is a quiet beach community just south of Atlantic City.

I took the sandwich to the beach.

It was amazing. And large. So I wrapped half and put it away. I took my time eating the rest.

Every bite was excellent. The broccoli rabe was slightly crisp, nutty-flavored and added some bite to the sandwich. The herb mayonnaise married well with the grilled chicken, which was perfect.

When I was finished, it was like the ceasing of exquisite music. I never had a sandwich that good.

Well, half a sandwich.

So, here's the rest of the story:

I had nowhere to put the rest of the sandwich. No cooler, and throwing it away was unthinkable.

Although I was no longer hungry, I looked into my backpack at the wrapped half of the sandwich.

"Well," I thought, "chicken is good protein, so I won't eat the rest of the sandwich, but I will eat the grilled chicken."

So I pulled the sandwich out of the bag and unwrapped it. I picked the chicken out and ate it. It had some of the herb mayonnaise on it, and it was ambrosial. I heard arias from La Traviata coming from my back pack, but there was no radio.

With the chicken gone, I was left with what was essentially a roasted pepper, garlic and broccoli rabe sandwich.

"I wonder what that a roasted pepper, garlic and broccoli rabe sandwich would taste like?" I asked a seagull that was pecking at seaweed nearby. The seagull did not stop pecking at the seaweed, which I took as permission to go ahead.

I took a bite. It was delicious. That led to another bite, and, well, you can figure the rest out.

It was the best sandwich I've ever had.

And now I understand how people can become slavishly devoted to a product they really love.

Apple (and Lisa) share the value of creating innnovative and quality products that delight the senses.

Back when all computers were tan, Apple made them in the colors of candy to delight the eyes. The iPhone is smooth and fun to hold or touch.

A lot of places sell a grilled chicken sandwich, but the one at Lisa's has a few points of difference that make ALL the difference. From sight to touch to taste, it delivers more than you expect.

When you're designing your next piece of jewelry, follow Lisa's lead and consider how to make it better.

A little more special.

A tad more pleasing to the eye or touch.

The small difference may make a big difference in delighting your customers.

And if you're ever cruising through Ventnor, stop in at Lisa's Italian Market and get yourself a grilled chicken sandwich. Then head down to the beach and enjoy all of it.

It's a really good thing.

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