Does your website delight more than one sense?

The "inner" sense that a person gets about you is an important one, too!

So, while it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words, it takes just a few words to convey an image, and add a few more words than that and you have a customer truly imagining -- with your help -- how they'll FEEL or LOOK or GET POSITIVE FEEDBACK when wearing your jewelry!

Don't be afraid to express yourself in words on your website, and use as much room as you need to really explain yourself!

So, for example, don't just write, under a silver and gemstone bracelet, "Silver and gemstone bracelet."

Write more of your own thoughts and associations to it. That extra time you spend will open up more of your world to the prospective buyer.

Example: "I was buying a gift for my friend's new baby and was struck by the blend of colors in a toy I saw in the same store. It was whimsical and engaging, and I wanted to capture that same feeling in the colored gemstones I chose for this silver and gemstone bracelet."