5 Quick Jewelry Selling Tips!

Here are five quick tips for selling your handcrafted jewelry more effectively:

1. Include your web and e-mail addresses on your voicemail.

Mention these in your “outgoing” voicemail message to remind callers they can visit you there or send you an e-mail.

2. Use auto-responders for incoming e-mail.

These are automatic replies that go out in response to every incoming e-mail. Use them to let people know how often you read/reply to e-mail. They can also let customers and prospects know how to reach you by phone if the need is urgent.

3. Get in the bag! M

any shows offer a “gift bag” to a pre-determined number of registrants or “while supplies last.” Check with the show promoter to learn how you can get a flyer for your booth, a coupon or even a small gift included from you!

4. Sell jewelry care items at your booth or website. J

ewelry cleaners, cloths and other jewelry care items are a natural “add-on” when someone is buying a new piece. Consider carrying a line of jewelry care products along with your own jewelry!

5. Show your face!

Artisan jewelry buyers crave the connection with the jewelry artist. Don’t be shy! If you don’t currently have a photo of yourself on your website’s “About Me” section, have some photos taken soon and get them up there!

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