10 Things to do This July 4th Weekend

1. When you wake up on July 4, take 5 minutes to think of all
the things you're grateful for.

2. Read the Declaration of Independnce. Out loud. With other people around.

3. Think of 3 people who had a profound impact on your life. Send each one a thank-you note.

4. Do not watch, listen to or read any news for one day.

5. Give yourself 10 minutes to find 10 things you should have thrown away. Throw them away.

6. Turn your cell phone off.

7. Find a photo of yourself as a kid making a funny face. Make that face again.

8. Think of 3 people you love. Then turn your cell phone back on, call them and
say, "I love you, and here's why ..."

9. Pick one thing you loved doing as a child, like skipping rope, or finger painting,
or playing the saxophone. And do that thing again.

10. Whenever you find yourself not smiling, smile anyway. Then you'll find reasons why you're smiling.

Share this with anyone you know who would enjoy it.

Have a great holiday weekend!