No Cash Refunds?

Q: I’ve seen signs in some retail stores that say “NO CASH REFUNDS.” Should I have a similar policy?

A: I am personally very turned off by restrictions on returns. It starts the relationship off on a footing of mistrust, rather than respect.

If you do a good job of selling the piece, and you guarantee the person’s satisfaction, they should start out the relationship with positive feelings for you.

And I strongly believe that those positive feelings are the beginning of an excellent relationship with the client. You should want to make people completely comfortable buying something from you. It’s a psychological issue. The more comfortable I am with your approach, the more I trust you.

The more I trust you, the more I’m going to want to buy from you in the future, and to refer other people to you.

Also, if I buy something that I really regret purchasing later, I’d like to know I can return it and get my money back. But if I’m handled properly by the person I’m buying from at the start, that should be a rare occurrence.

If the item is returned to you undamaged, and you can re-sell it, then refunding the buyer’s cash (or crediting their credit card account) is good customer service.

PS: Please check the laws in your state and federal guidelines that relate to refunding a buyer's money if the item itself is defective.

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