Do you have questions about copyrights, trademarks and protecting your designs?

If you've ever wondered if your new handcrafted jewelry design idea can be copyrighted or trademarked, if you're concerned that someone may have stolen an idea of yours (or want peace of mind that your idea wasn't someone else's first!) you'll want to hear my interview with jewelry artist and attorney Sarah Feingold.

Sarah is the general counsel for, and she really knows her stuff!

We recorded a one-hour conference call on February 19.

Here are some of the subjects we covered:

1) What are the differences between copyrights and trademarks?

2) What if a client and a jeweler coordinate on a design? Who owns the design?

3) What if you see jewelry for sale online with a copyright notice? What if you're already making something similar?

4) What if someone accuses you of copying a design, and you didn't?

5) What is the "Poor Man's Copyright"?

6) What if I buy a kit or a tutorial and want to use this information to make and sell my own jewelry?

7) What should I do if a magazine wants to publish my work?

8) What if I want to make art out of pre-existing material like an up-cycled record album cover?

9) What about advertising laws and describing my jewelry?

It's a wonderfully informative guide, from an expert who truly understands how the law impacts handcrafted jewelry artists, because she is an attorney AND a jewelry artist AND the general counsel for!

If you want to get the CD of this call, go to Sarah's Etsy page at: