5 Quick and Easy Jewelry Selling Tips

Here are five quick tips for selling your handcrafted jewelry more effectively:

1. Keep accessories at your booth! It’s helpful for prospects to see your jewelry among things they might wear with your jewelry. Keep scarves and other accessories at your booth to show how your pieces might look with other items.

2. Offer jewelry cleaning services. Providing jewelry cleaning at your booth or during a home party lets you service a customer, gives you a chance to see their other jewelry up close, and creates time to talk! Consider offering free ring or jewelry cleaning when selling live.

3. Instant pictures help you stay in the prospect’s mind! Although this requires the ability to juggle a little bit, consider keeping a digital or instant camera at your booth. Snapping photos of yourself with customers creates connection. And if there’s a piece someone wants but can’t decide on right away, you can take a photo and give or send it to them.

4. Use novel packaging and display items. Interesting packages create visual appeal for your jewelry, on the web or when selling live! Look to other fields for inspiration, such as Chinese take-out containers, small musical instrument cases and more! eBay can be a great place to browse for ideas.

5. Learn and use names early. As Dale Carnegie so aptly pointed out, the most beautiful sound in the world to most people is their own name. Introduce yourself early in a conversation with a prospect (they will usually reply with their name), and use their name often to establish rapport.