Spread Your Good Name With Ad Specialties

Want to give clients and prospective customers something to remember you by? Consider ordering promotional materials printed with your logo or business contact information.

A small useful item, such as a pen or a paperweight, may be more memorable than a business card. Try to find an item that fits the color or motif of your jewelry so that the potential client can connect it with the product you make.

Some companies make items that are in the shape of cut gemstones, which you can use even if you don’t use gemstones in your jewelry designs.

Whatever tangible materials you use to promote your business will reflect the quality of your product. No matter what the material is, it will have your name on it, so be sure to assess the quality of materials before handing them out to prospective customers! If the company won’t send you samples to check out in advance, don’t order from them.

Also, (and we know this from experience!) make sure you get a PROOF to approve before your item is produced. Keep a copy of any text that you send to the promo company (or enter online) as backup. We had a company mistake the “8” in our toll free number for an “S” (the number 7 on a phone) and the order had to be re-printed.

Check out these links to some great resources for customized promotional items (we’ve used Carolina and Atlas and have had good success with both):

4imprint offers thousands of options for promotional items that can be personalized (http://www.4imprint.com).

Carolina Pen and Pencil Co. offers a selection of writing implements and other products that can be personalized. (http://www.carolinapens.com).

Atlas Pen has an excellent slection of pens, pencils and gifts. They have quick turn-around time, and if you’re willing to place a slightly larger order, the discounts are worth it. (http://www.atlaspen.com/)

One final word: It seems as though some shoppers at lower end shows or craft fairs are “specialty collectors,” too! They seem to roam from table to table solely to collect pens, pencils, keychains, stress balls and anything else being given away!

For that reason, you might want to keep the items off your booth or table and simply include them as a “gift” with orders.

If you’re doing a home show or party, include the premiums (another word for ad specialties) in a “goodie” bag or simply keep a tray of them out for guests to take.

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