Prepare Business Coverage for Holiday Vacations

Spring has sprung and summer is right around the corner!

Are you taking a vacation?

I hope so, but what's the best way to keep your business going while you are gone? After all, clients and prospects still want your jewelry, even when you’re away.

If you’re planning on taking off during the summer, it’s very important to make sure that your business is taken care of in way that doesn’t frustrate your customers. People don’t want to call your business and get an answering machine that’s full. So if you must leave the answering machine to collect your calls, make certain that there is adequate room to cover your call volume. You also want to have the ability to check the messages long-distance. Make sure your outgoing voicemail message mentions the period during which you’ll be away.

You may consider hiring an answering service. Be wary of asking friends to handle your calls, unless it is someone you can trust to deliver the messages on time and be available to field phone calls. Even when you’re away, it’s important to make sure that your customers are receiving the kind of attention and care they expect from you.

For website orders, consider posting a date when orders will be shipped (after you return from your vacation) so that expectations of customers will be met.

Finally, for your own well-being, make sure you’re really “away” when you’re vacationing. Running a jewelry making business – even part time – can be stressful. Relax and enjoy yourself while you’re gone … and send us a postcard!

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