Make Your Direct Mail Envelopes Work Harder!

When sending mailings and promotional materials to customers it is important to put your best “face” forward, and that face is the envelope!

Many people underrate and overlook the envelope’s selling power, but the envelope does double duty: It carries your promotional material, and it has to convince them to open it.

The outer message can be improved not only by standing out from the junk mail and bills people receive in the mail, but also by tying the initial content outside into whatever is inside the envelope.

To do so, you may consider what your customers love about your business and feature that on your packaging. It may be a picture of a new design, your photo, your slogan (if you have one) or some other element that they connect with you.

In terms of copy, use teasers that relate to what’s inside … for example, “Our new Summer jewelry just arrived … (along with a bonus inside for you!) …“

Also, use both sides of the packaging to catch eyes; making sure that no matter which side is seen first, it gains meaningful exposure.

Finally, remember that modern consumers are bombarded with advertising on a daily basis, and are not looking for another advertisement. Make your package look welcoming and personal to eliminate some of that feeling.

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