Publicity is free. Here's how to get lots of it!

Part of any good marketing strategy for an artist jeweler is public relations (PR).

Articles about you in the local newspaper, articles by you that appear in professional publications and interviews with you on radio and on television are just some examples of free exposure that can sometimes deliver more and better prospects than your own paid advertising.

When current and prospective customers see articles about you or see or hear broadcast interviews, it conveys your credibility in ways that your own ads and direct mail pieces can’t.

Why is PR sometimes more effective? We tend to trust what we read in reliable sources, such as newspapers, magazines and other edited professional media.

PR is something you can do yourself quite effectively, and Joan Stewart’s Publicity Hound website gives you an enormous amount of free information to help you do that.

In addition to the free resources, such as eBooks and articles, that you can get there, we highly recommend Joan’s free Publicity Hound weekly newsletter.

Read it weekly to learn about trends, hot topics and new resources for getting articles published about you and your jewelry!