The next time you take money out of your wallet ...

think about how important that cash is to you.

Touch the money and really look at it.

No matter how you got it, whether by working, or receiving it as a gift, or finding it on the pavement, it's yours, and when you buy something, you're choosing to give that to someone else.

It's a value-for-value relationship. Your money for something you want.

And that's a special transaction. Taking your money, and giving it to someone else.

I never forget that when someone pays ME for something.

That they are taking their money, no matter how they got it, and giving it to me for something that they value.

Value for value.

If you slow down and think of each and every customer of yours that way, and regard that transaction as special, you will always treat your jewelry-buying customers the right way.

Because you will never take even one of them for granted.

So, the next time you buy something, imagine that how you feel, is how someone feels when they buy from you.

It's an interesting thing to think about ...