Why a 62 Year-Old Baby Ring Matters to You

I received an email last week from a man in South Jersey.

“My mother died recently,” he said, “and I was going through some of her things when I found a jewelry box that held two baby rings. They must be mine.”

He included in the email the photo below:

He continued in his note: "I searched the internet for 'D. Weiman' and 'jewelry' and came across your name. Are you related to the person who sold my mother these rings? It would have been at least 62 years ago – that’s how old I am!”

The photo is the inside top of the ring boxes my grandfather, David Weiman, used back when he owned Weiman’s for Diamonds, a small chain of neighborhood jewelry stores in Philadelphia.

“Pop Pop David” died before I was born, but I am well-familiar with his emphasis on quality and how much he cared about his customers. Here's a photo of him in his store (he's all the way on the right):

Why should this matter to you?

Because the beautiful jewelry you are making and selling today is of extraordinarily high value. Higher than you realize.

It will outlast the person you sell it to.

It will be passed down to her daughter, and her daughter’s daughter.

To paraphrase Leland Quick in his editorial in the first issue of Lapidary Journal in April 1947, you are making “deathless things of beauty.”

Get the best jewelry boxes you can afford.

Put your jewelry in those boxes.

Because one day, your granddaughter may get a call from someone who finds your jewelry and the box, and they’ll want to know all about you.

It can happen. I’m living proof.

Go make something great!

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