Guest Post: Get Maximum Traffic from Your Social Networking!

If you're reading this blog, then you're at least somewhat tuned in to the fact that there are myriad marketing opportunities through blogs and social networking sites like twitter, Facebook and others.

In this article by my good friend Rena Klingenberg, she discusses how to get more traffic -- the right way -- from your social networking efforts. I now hand over my keyboard to Rena!

Get Maximum Jewelry Traffic from Your Social Networking Activity

(c) by Rena Klingenberg

So what do you talk about on the social networking sites where your potential customers are?

Whatever they're talking about.

For example, if you make horse-themed jewelry and you're on a horse-related networking site, join in and chat about horses, saddles, trail rides, etc. . . . but *not* about the horse-themed jewelry you make (unless someone else mentions your jewelry first).

Don't worry – your niche social website friends will most definitely find your jewelry naturally as you participate in the site, and they visit your profile page there.

On your profile page of that social networking site, your uploaded jewelry photos and links to your jewelry blog / storefront will do all the marketing you need. Subtlety is the key to success here!

Once you've created your "power profile" page on a social networking site, your job is to become an active part of the community, make friends, and build genuine relationships with the other folks there.

So let your profile page link and your profile photo do the talking for your jewelry business, while you concentrate on simply contributing useful, friendly posts to the community (which spreads your profile link everywhere!).

How to Get More Views for Your Social Networking Activity

*Post your friendly, useful replies as close as possible to the beginning of forum or comment threads. More people will see your posts there as they read the whole thread and decide whether to join in on the conversation.

*Watch each social site closely to determine its busiest time of day. Try to schedule your main posting time there for just before the daily crowd hits. The freshest posts will be seen first, so this is a good way to be seen by a bigger audience.

*Some networking sites have two busy times of day – one in the morning and another in the evening – so keep an eye out for that trend too.

*Also watch for the busiest days of the week. Some social sites have more traffic and activity on weekdays, others on weekends. Try to schedule at least some of your activity there for the busiest days.

*Use curiosity-provoking, relevant titles for your social site posts and uploaded content. Any time you have the opportunity to give something a title on a social site, take a moment to come up with something that grabs attention and begs to be clicked on. (Of course it should also be tasteful, relevant to the content it leads to, and in line with the site's culture.)

*Look at some of the most popular content on the social sites you frequent, and check out the titles. That's a good way to get a feel for what gets the click on that site.

*Get busy commenting, responding to, and voting on other people's content on the site. The more you add to the site, the more places you're making your link available for other site members to click on!


Okay, I've taken the keyboard back from Rena -- If you're like me, you may have been surprised at the indirect way that Rena suggests approaching your social networking marketing efforts. I have followed her advice, though, and indirect is best.

Also, you want to participate in activities online that you are TRULY interested in. All marketing should feel good and be consistent with who you are.

Rena has an entire book (that includes two bonus sections) on everything you need to know to have more control over your own traffic and bring interested customers to your online jewelry business.

The name of the ebook is "Social Networking: Sell Your Jewelry Online the New Way" and you can click here to learn more about it:

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