Guarantee Your Jewelry

Guarantees increase the comfort level that someone has in buying from you, and that may be the point over which they decide whether or not to buy.

There’s a risk in buying anything (thus, the principle “let the buyer beware”) and a satisfaction guarantee “reverses” the risk that the prospect is taking when buying from you.

There are a few principles to keep in mind:

First, make the guarantee simple. It should be easy to read and understand.

Second, make sure it’s in writing and posted where you sell your jewelry. It should also be on your invoices and posted at your website.

Finally, make the terms as generous as you’re willing to offer. For example,

“You must be completely satisfied,
or return the item in original condition within 6 months
for a complete refund of your purchase price.”

Don’t be afraid to offer a longer guarantee period, either. In fact, the longer the guarantee, the less likely it is that someone may return it because it removes the time pressure to do so.

You must honor the guarantees you make, so if you have any concerns about what your obligations are under a guarantee, check with a business attorney before you offer it.

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