5 Quick Tips

1. Mark free items on your invoice.

If you offer a free item (e.g., a polishing cloth, cleaning kit) with a purchase, include it on the invoice with the word “Free” in the cost column. It will remind customers of the bonuses they received from you!

2. Use “double opt‐in” on your e‐mail lists.

If you have an email list of customers, ask new subscribers to confirm their subscription to your list (or use an auto‐responder), especially if you use a sign up form or link on your website. This will reduce complaints and bounce‐backs.

3. Keep food and drinks out of sight at your booth.

If eating at your booth is necessary, keep it out of sight. Bring “finger food,” keep everything under the booth, and clean your hands often!

4. Guarantee your repairs.

If you offer repairs on the jewelry you sell, or on customers’ other jewelry, guarantee the repair for as long as possible (whether or not you charge for the repair work). This increases the customer’s confidence that it is being done right.

5. Mail to your lists on a regular basis.

Whether you send newsletters/updates/direct mail by regular mail or e‐mail, try to mail on a schedule, such as monthly. This will get you into the habit of writing marketing materials regularly, and customers will begin to anticipate your announcements. Make sure there’s something of value in EVERY issue. A friend of mine includes jewelry‐buying tips and a recipe from her grandmother’s cookbook in each issue of her newsletter.

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