Try this easy tip when selling face to face!

When I go to jewelry shows, I notice that many jewelry sellers, when standing at their booths, cross their arms in front of them.

Many say they are doing this as a way of resting their arms.

The problem with it is that crossed arms are a universal sign of defensiveness.

In fact, even if you are not consciously feeling defensive, crossing your arms in front of you may send a message to your prospects that you are defensive.

Additionally, defensiveness is not something that we are always aware of. So, it is possible that crossing your arms when you are not consciously defensive may send a signal to your brain that there is something you should be defensive about.

To avoid this, monitor where your arms are what you are selling face-to-face. If it helps, hold something in your hand (such as a pen or a piece of jewelry) that would prevent you from crossing your arms easily.

If you notice that a prospect has his or her arms crossed, take that as a sign that they are not quite ready to "open up" to you. Use that opportunity to ask some questions and probe and how they are feeling or what they are thinking. You can also hand them something, such as a piece of jewelry to look at, or an information card, that causes them to uncross their arms.

You will notice when you do this that people become more at ease with you. And that makes engaging them with your jewelry much easier!

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