Slow Down and Enjoy ...

I’ve tried something over the past few weeks that I highly recommend:

Slowing down.

I have been hand-writing notes or picking up the phone instead of sending quick e-mails.

Cooking in an oven instead of a microwave.

Drying clothes on a drying rack instead of putting them in the dryer.

Talking slower.

Taking my time when I’m reading a book.

Easing off the gas pedal.

I started doing this after reading Bill Bryson’s witty and engaging book The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, a memoir of his life as a boy growing up in the 1950’s. I was raised in a different time than Bryson was, but still in the days before cell phones, DVDs, PlayStations and home computers.

When I was a kid we had virtual reality. It was called “outside.”

The result of my slowing down is that I’m appreciating life a whole lot more. I’m enjoying conversations more. Listening better. Eating more slowly and enjoying that more, too.

Life seems bouncy again. More fun.

Much better as I take the time to enjoy it more. Let it soak in.

I commend to you taking a little more time to do everything in your life.

See if it doesn’t result in richer experiences.

How can you transfer that concept to your jewelry selling and marketing?

I'm glad you asked!

When people buying your artisan jewelry, part of what they are buying is the connection to you.

Slow down. Take the time to get to know them better. Ask questions that require long answers and listen really well.

The time you invest now will accrue in their "emotional bank account." That's where you want to have plenty of credit. That is what will connect buyers to you on a very real level. Because I know that you do really care about them. They will know it too.

Slow down. Take it easy. Life is tastier that way.

I was watching the TV Food Network a few nights ago and they were doing a special on ice cream. They explained that ice cream tastes better when you wait a few minutes and let the temperature of the ice cream drop a little bit.

Isn't that amazing? Even something frozen tastes better when you give it a little time.