News, notes and updaets!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are a few things I wanted to update you on:

1. Free Conference Call

On Thursday, February 19, at 8:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, I'll be doing a conference call with attorney and jewelry maker Sarah Feingold. Sarah is not only an accomplished jewelry maker, she is also the general counsel for Etsy!

We have seven available slots if you would like to call in and listen to my interview with Sarah. If there is time at the end of the interview, we often open the conference call to live questions.

If you are interested in participating, send an e-mail to me at
We usually send out more invitations than we have open slots, because not everyone who reserves a space is able to dial in that night.
So, just be aware that if the conference call is full you will receive a message that it is. But I will make every attempt to send everyone a transcript of the call so that you don't miss anything.

2. Interview with business accountant Mike Popko.

In the next issue of Jewelry Selling Insights, I will be interviewing a business accountant who will be answering questions that jewelry makers submitted about various accounting issues. For example, if you had a bunch of supplies when you were just a hobbyist, can you expense those once you start your business?

He also answers questions about the deductible business expenses, whether home based businesses are more likely to be audited by the IRS, how to calculate inventory at the end of the year, and how to expense jewelry that you give to charities as a donation.

If you would like to subscribe to Jewelry Selling Insights, now would be a good time!

My interview with Mike will be in the March issue, which will be distributed in the last week of February.

There is also a $7 discount coupon in effect now through February 28.

(To use the discount, enter the code BIG7 on the order page in the Coupon Code box and click "Apply.)

The regular cost of the year (12 issues) of Jewelry Selling Insights is $36 ($3/issue). If you use the $7 discount coupon your subscription will be just $29 ($2.42/issue) and you can cancel at anytime to get a full refund. (The $7 off coupon is good on anything at the site, except Rena Klingenberg's book, which is sold through her site.)

Click here to learn more about Jewelry Selling Insights (there is a free sample issue at that page):

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Have a great weekend!