Is Something Holding You Back? (Selling jewelry and cognitive dissonance)

Do you want to make more money as a jewelry maker?

Do you enjoy getting paid for something you love to do?

Or do you feel guilty when someone pays you?

Guilty that it might not be worth what you're charging?

Feeling bad that they're giving you money for something you already love to do?

If that describes you, you need to sit down and have a talk with yourself about your own value. And the value of your jewelry.

In the psychology field (I'm a licensed psychologist with a doctorate and two master's degrees in psychology) there's an interesting phenomenon: cognitive dissonance.

In simple terms, cognitive dissonance occurs when two things don't go together in your own mind. For example, people generally have reasons for choosing what they buy. So if you just pull a bar of soap off the shelf in the store without really thinking about it, it can create dissonance.

In the one hand, you have reasons for doing something. On the other hand, you just picked a bar at random -- you didn't have a reason for doing it.

Dissonance is uncomfortable, so we rationalize it away.

Selling something you love to make anyway creates dissonance.

You love to do it, which is its own reward. So why do you have to be paid for it?

Being paid creates dissonance, because in life, you're used to WORKING to get paid, and most people don't really like to work!

So it creates a conflict in your mind when someone pays you for something you already love to make.

That creates dissonance, which you might lower in your own mind by deciding not to charge too much. If you don't charge too much, after all, then you're not really getting paid, and you're still doing it for love.

How do I know all of this about you?

Because I've corresponded with THOUSANDS of jewelry makers all over the world for the past 23 years.

I get it.

Let me help you, though.

The joy that people get from the jewelry you make cannot be measured. Every time they look at it, touch it, pick it up, put it on, wear it, get compliments, smile, feel good about themselves and more, it's because of:


You did that.

You created it.

You put your hands to metals and gems and beads and created something joyful that will OUTLIVE the person you sold it to.

To paraphrase Leland Quick, founder of Lapidary Journal, jewelry makers create "deathless things of beauty."

When you charge too little, you are depriving the BUYER of feeling good about the value of what they're buying.

THEY LOVE YOUR JEWELRY. And one of the most rewarding ways they can show that is to pay you for it.

Let them.

Resolve the dissonance you may have over charging for your jewelry by flipping the script:

Your customers are happy to pay you for something they love. By not charging enough, you are causing dissonance in their mind, because they got this amazing beautiful original thing that they paid almost nothing for.

Remember, you don't want bargain hunters for clients.

You want people who love jewelry, and are happy to pay for it.


They're happy.

You're happy.

It's a beautiful thing.

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