How to turn like into LOVE

My grandmother used to say, "When you're wanted a lot, go a little.
When you're wanted a little, don't go at all."

I call wise little sayings like that "grandmother wit," and
if you're like me, you appreciate those little nuggets of
gold because they teach a lot through direct and plain

One of my favorite business concepts is "The Platinum Rule."

You all know the Golden Rule, which is treating others as
YOU would like to be treated.

The Platinum Rule is treating is treating others the way that
THEY would like to be treated.

Applying The Platinum Rule to your jewelry selling is simple:
You make sure that you truly understand what your client wants --
not what YOU want the outcome to be.

This has specific applications when you are either processing returns
or dealing with repair issues after holiday sales.

An example of this is someone returning a bracelet that they bought from
you and gave to a child.

Children often don't recognize how fragile jewelry is and break it
by being too rough.

You need to decide how to handle repairs to jewelry that you made
that wasn't cared for the way the jewelry should be treated.

If you use in the Golden Rule, you might decide not to take the jewelry back
or not to repair it for free, because you hold yourself to a high standard
and believe that other people are not responsible for your mistakes.

The more challenging decision is applying the Platinum Rule.

Using this higher standard, you might try to learn what the customer
thinks or feels is the correct resolution to the problem.

This means that you will ask them what outcome they are looking for.

I am not suggesting that you automatically replace the broken jewelry,
or repair it for free -- but that you start with an understanding of the
way that the client wishes to be treated, and decide whether or not
the business relationship would be enhanced by treating them that way.

If you decide that the way they would like to be treated is something did you
can't do, then at least you've taken the time to understand what their perspective is.

But at best, the customer feels like you really took the time to learn
how THEY would like to be treated.

And, in the best of circumstances, they feel understood and valued by you.
You are able to provide the level of service they would like, and they
become a customer who doesn't merely like your jewelry and your
service, but a raving fan who LOVES your jewelry and your service.

Consider applying the Platinum Rule regularly in your jewelry selling
business, and watch sales go UP!

Go make something great!