Can you SEE what people are SAYING?

In Harry Beckwith's outstanding book You, Inc., he recommends one of the best techniques ever for how to listen more effectively.

He notes that we do quite a bit of our thinking in images, as opposed to words, sounds, or smells.

Therefore, he suggests that when we listen to our customers, we get a mental image in mind of what they are describing.

So, if they mention that they are looking for a piece of jewelry to go with a new denim jacket, you will get an image of that denim jacket (and your customer wearing it!) in your mind.

Not only does imagining what they are saying give you a better sense of what they are communicating, but it also stimulates your own internal images that can help you make the sale!

For example, imagining the prospect wearing denim might lead you to suggesting some of your designs that go well with that fabric, or to customizing a piece that would make it pop!

This technique also leads to VERY astute questions, because you're on the same mental page as the prospect.

Try it!

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