5 Ways to Build Long-Term Relationships with Buyers

There's an old saying in sales: "People buy from people they like" ...

... and they REALLY buy from people they like a lot!

I asked a client recently to tell me about her favorite salesperson. She told me a jewelry seller: "Her name is Lisa and when I go to her booth she makes the entire time that I'm there fun. She knows me. She knows what I like to look at. She takes her time. I've been going to her for a long time. She'll show you different things to see what you like and she remembers me and what I like. She cares about me. Whether I buy anything or not she doesn't care. She knows that I like to touch and she'll hand me something to try on ..."

Five key points:

1. Make the experience fun! People LOVE excitement. Remember how you felt the first time you fell in love? Create enjoyment for your prospects and clients and they'll love buying from you!

2. Get to know your clients well. What we know from Facebook and Myspace is people want to connect with others. Learn as much as you can about prospects and current customers. Their likes. Their dislikes. Their hopes and goals. The more you know, the more you'll sell.

3. Slow down. Take your time. Make your prospect feel like prized. Do not multi-task. Focus.

4. Get physical! Jewelry is a tactile experience. Hand people things to try on. Let them feel the weight of a bracelet, the shape of beads in a necklace. Encourage them to experience your handmade jewelry by touching it and trying it on.

5. Take notes! Keep a note card for each client with information about what they've bought, what they like/don't like, personal informaiton like birthdate, people they buy for etc. Go through notes regularly and reach out personally to promote products or services you know they like.

Do these five things and you'll create the kind of COMFORT and CONNECTION that builds long term relationships with clients.

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