5 "Helps" for Photographing Your Handmade Jewelry

Here are five quick tips for selling your jewelry more effectively. All of these tips are related to how you show your jewelry in photos:

1. Use simple backgrounds. The jewelry should be the main “star” in your photography. Avoid busy backgrounds that detract from that principle. Simple gray, white, or black “seamless” papers work well.

2. Don’t show jewelry on live models. Similar to the idea above, showing jewelry on a model often works against you. People who don’t look like the model may have difficulty imagining themselves wearing it. Most artisan jewelers use amateur models, who may not have the appropriate skin to show off jewelry well.

3. Hot glue works wonders! A professional photographer shared a secret: He uses a small ball of hot glue to hold jewelry and rings in place while photographing them “on edge” so they can be shown better. Arts and crafts stores also sell a flexible putty that can be used to temporarily hold your jewelry in place while you photograph it.

4. Make sure colors are “true.” Buyers trust that the color of stones and other materials shown in photos are correct. Check photos to make sure they are true to the original piece. If the ad is appearing in a color print publication or other printed promotion material, make sure the printer knows how important it is to get the color of the original correct.

5. Shoot one at a time. Even professional photographers have a tough time photographing jewelry. That’s because the shiny, curved surfaces of metal and the facets of gems make focusing things tough. That difficulty increases with multiple pieces, so try shooting them separately and then combining them in your marketing materials.

I hope these tips help you!

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