4 Ways to Sell More Jewelry in a Tough Economy

I know the economy is tough right now, and there's a YouTube video I posted on September 28 that offers you four ideas on how to sell more of your jewelry despite economic conditions.

Watch it now if you're looking for specific things you can do to bolster sales:

To summarize the four issues:

1. Focus on what you can control. This will help you direct your efforts where they will pay off.

2. Focus on value. Your jewelry will outlive the buyer, they buyer's children and so on. Make sure you emphasize the longterm value of your jewelry.

3. Focus on trust. Consumers are lacking trust right now in huge corporations because so many of them have deceived customers and/or gone out of business. Consumers will trust local sellers more. You can emphasize trust in your relationships with prospects and clients.

4. Focus on traditional buying periods/events. Put your advertising and promotion budgets into key holidays (after the winter holidays, Valentine's Day is next!) and lifecycle events like weddings, birthdays, religious milestones, etc.